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Life Coaching Pacakages

If you're feeling unsure if Holistic Life Coaching is right for you, why not book a free 30 minute discovery call. Lets see if we're the right fit to get you started on your voyage of discovery!

If you know you're ready to start working towards a happier. more confident and joyful you, then let's get started. 


Life is busy, I get it. Which is why flexibility is key.


You may decide you just need one session to re affirm some life choices already made.

Maybe the 12 week program, designed to implement real long lasting change, will give you the time and space you need to pick things apart and rebuild a stable foundation for a fantastic future.

Perhaps a monthly check-in (12 months minimum) is all that's needed to keep you on track with your goals and aspirations.


Either way, we can meet in person (recommended for the first/single appointment), in the Mind Body Movement treatment room in Battersea, London, or on line via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp etc...

I'll bring the energy, creativity, passion and motivation to our meetings, all I ask is for your commitment to yourself and our sessions, to discover how to live more fully, with joy and authenticity.

Pricing is straightforward and payable in advance:

  • Discovery call, 30 minutes - Free

  • Single appointment, 60 minutes - £165.

  • 6 session program (6 x 50 minute (min) appointments) - £900

  • 12 week program (12 x 50 minute (min) weekly appointments) - £1560

  • Monthly check-in (12 x 50 minute (min) monthly appointments) - £1560

Complementary Therapies

To take a truly holistic approach to your future self, it is important to address the physical as well as mental state of the mind-body. Complementary therapies work alongside the coaching process to give a truly integrated approach to you living your very best life. Please see my sister site, Mind Body Movement at the link below (opens in a separate window) for details of complementary therapies available.


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