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Meet Alex

Hi! My name is Alex. I’m an holistic life coach and mind body

practitioner, and I help people gain clarity on their life purpose, live in

alignment with their values, and ultimately find balance and fulfilment

in their lives.

No experience in life is ever wasted you know. The job that seemed

meaningless at the time, the relationship that ended in disappointment

and hurt, the health scare, the argument, the failures and successes.

They were all necessary paths we needed to tread in order for us to

learn, to progress, to develop.

But sometimes, it can all feel too much. We can feel burdened by regret,

overwhelmed with emotions, stuck in a rut. We’re treading water, just

about surviving, no where near thriving, and we just can’t seems to pull

ourselves out of the rabbit hole and move on.

Here’s where I come in.

I can relate. I used to work in a really stressful job. Though in itself it was challenging, fascinating, rewarding at times, I found it unfulfilling, unnecessarily stressful and ultimately destructive to my overall health and wellbeing. Having had challenges with my mental health on and off since my teens, I knew if I didn’t take action, I’d never really fulfil my potential and live a life of wellness and joy. Ive spent the last 10+ years transforming myself through education, observation, meditation and mindfulness practices. With consistency, purpose and passion, I’ve reached the point where I can now help you to get unstuck too, if like me, you’re ready for change.


If you’re committed to moving on from the past, taking stock of the present and crafting the life you’ve dreamt of for years, l can help you get un stuck now, fulfil that dream, and live fully.

Together, we can.

Wishing you wellness and joy.


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